The TERRITORIAL Final Solution of the Jewish Question

I like reading historical archives and I encourage others to do so. Here’s why:

Let’s take an example. The following document pertains to the German National Socialist Party’s intent on finding “a territorial final solution” to the Jewish question

Screenshot (538)


Screenshot (537)

So the Nazi Party never sought to exterminate the Jews, at least up to 1942. Instead they wanted to deport them somewhere far away, like Madagascar.

Isn’t this exactly what Zionists wanted during the 1930s? Hence the well-documented fact that Mr. Hitler partnered with Zionist organizations throughout the 1930s to find a territorial solution to the Jewish question.

Let that sink in for a minute…

Does that mean Hitler was a Zionist?

Given the enormous implications of the Holocaust on contemporary international public law (namely, the fact that it continues to justify all sorts of abominations, such as Zionist expansionism in Europe, Palestine and Asia), Zionist interest groups especially don’t want people to ask historical questions that highlight logical fallacies in their historical interpretation of the Holocaust. In France, they will go as far as imposing economic and judicial sanctions on those who dare to challenge their narrative.

This is why I encourage people who are dissatisfied with the social, political or economic status quo to constantly question dominant historical narratives by reading and analyzing historical archives. Studying history is both fascinating and essential precisely because it is an act of resistance against global Jewish dominance.



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  • For the Nuremberg Trial Proceeding and the relevant articles in the Charter of the International Military Tribunal, click here

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