The WP in all its Zionist splendor

This morning I woke up groggy as fuck, so I grabbed a glass of orange juice and made myself a nice bowl of cereal. Routine.

I then turned on my PC, went on Facebook and almost hurled up my entire breakfast when I came across this post in my news feed:

Screenshot (534)

Just another day in the life of a concerned Westerner…

Contrary to claims made by the Washington Post (WP), I highly doubt a bunch of Palestinians armed with kitchen knives can pose a credible threat to the 11th strongest military power in the world , Israel, a.k.a. (((Our Greatest Ally))).

This ridiculous Facebook post proves that the WP is, like all Western mainstream news outlets, entirely controlled by Zionist lobbies. Nothing new here.

Since the WP is in the nasty business of amalgamating Islamic terrorism and the fight for Palestinian national auto-determination, let me set things straight:

If Palestinians are to avoid being ethnically cleansed by their Jewish neighbors, goyim and Jews alike need to wake up, smell the coffee and denounce this violent, racist, manipulative,  and all-powerful lobby.

Unfortunately, said lobby has everyone by the balls…



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