Professor Richard Werner Exposes the Trade Secret of Banking

(Starts at 2:41)

“Central banks’ credit policies have created over 100 banking crises in the past 40 years.”

Also, if you appreciate historically-accurate documentaries, watch this:

The documentary is based on Werner’s book Princes of the Yen.

The TERRITORIAL Final Solution of the Jewish Question

I stumbled across a bunch of documents that will make anti-revisionist historians cringe.

Brace yourself, I’ve taken screenshots.

The following document pertains to the German National Socialist Party’s intent on finding “a territorial final solution” to the Jewish question.

Screenshot (538)


Screenshot (537)

So the Nazi Party never sought to exterminate the Jews, at least up to 1942. Instead they wanted to deport them somewhere far, far away from Germany (i.e., Madagascar).

Let that sink in for a minute.

Isn’t this exactly what Zionists wanted during the 1930s? Hence the well-documented fact that Mr. Hitler partnered with Zionist organizations throughout the 1930s to find a territorial solution to the Jewish question.

Ah, politics is such a nasty business.


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